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Creating a Healthier Community

Beacon Community Impact works with multiple organizations in a collaborative health network. We use data-driven, evidence-based and transparent practices to chart progress and measure health impact as a result of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

We are committed to strengthening the relationships within our community and embracing the diversity found there to help make Elkhart County, Marshall County and St Joseph County healthy places to live!

We welcomed Three Rivers Health in Three Rivers, MI, to the Beacon family in September 2021. Over the coming months, we will work to integrate their community into our larger community impact efforts. 

We have a steadfast commitment to make our community one of the healthiest in the nation. Creating a healthier community means helping people stay well by:

  • Educating on important health topics
  • Providing the means to adopt healthier lifestyle choices
  • Removing barriers to adequate healthcare

Beacon Community Impact does this in three main ways:

  • By providing funding for non-profit organizations that help create change in a CHNA priority area
  • By working with organizations, businesses, and other groups to build the capacity of our community to respond to its health needs
  • By delivering educational and clinical programming to address community health needs in Beacon’s service area.

Our Community Benefit Approach

At Beacon Community Impact, we address community health needs as determined in the Community Health Needs Assessment with a three-pronged approach. 

First, we provide direct service to clients through our Early Childhood Services and Community Health Services teams. Whether providing education one-on-one, in a virtual group presentation, or in a school assembly, we aim to prevent adverse health outcomes with some of the most vulnerable in our community. Topics addressed are in our four priority areas and follow evidence-based curricula. Our clinical services are delivered by nutritionists, nurses, and social workers through programs such as our WIC program in St. Joseph County, or our Perinatal Care Coordination (PNCC) program which focus on preventing infant and maternal mortality and addressing the mental health challenges facing young parents and families. 

Our second approach is to fund local community partners who do excellent work in similar priority areas. Recognizing that Beacon Community Impact has a greater reach if we partner with others, we fund non-profits who are providing service in our priority areas. Each organization, both internal and external, is responsible for completing periodic reports so we can measure our collective impact. 

Our third approach is to function as the fiscal agent in administering federal and state grants. We combine direct service with education about COVID vaccinations and community outreach with providing COVID vaccinations through a partnership with St. Joseph Health System, from a grant funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) under the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. The two grants together totaled nearly $5,000,000. 


Community Health Advisory Council Members:


  • Robin Meleski (Vida)
  • Darial Sterling
  • Liliana Quintero
  • Jay Caponigro
  • Maria Slager
  • Dezha Moore 
  • Melanie Sizemore
  • Lindsay London

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Every year, Beacon Community Impact creates a report that details the combined impact created by our external partners and hard working internal program staff.

Download the Community Benefit Report 2023