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Creating a Healthier Community

Beacon Community Impact works with multiple organizations in a collaborative health network. We use data-driven, evidence-based and transparent practices to chart progress and measure health impact as a result of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

We are committed to strengthening the relationships within our community and embracing the diversity found there to help make Elkhart County, Marshall County and St Joseph County healthy places to live!

We have a steadfast commitment to make our community one of the healthiest in the nation. Creating a healthier community means helping people stay well by:

  • Educating on important health topics
  • Providing the means to adopt healthier lifestyle choices
  • Removing barriers to adequate healthcare

We do this in three main ways:

  • Provide funding for nonprofit organizations that help create change in a CHNA priority area
  • Work with organizations, businesses, and other groups to build the capacity of our community to respond to its health needs
  • Deliver programming in service gaps with over 60 community health workers, educators, and healthcare professionals

Our Community Benefit Approach

Bringing about change and health equality in our community takes a holistic approach. By partnering with a variety of organizations, we are addressing the greatest health needs and providing diverse programs that make an impact throughout our three-county region.

We are fortunate to work with wonderful community partners who help us address the health needs of our most vulnerable community members. We do this through:

  • Devotion to providing the resources and tools that improve program participants’ health and well-being
  • Collaboration and a focus on solving complex social and health areas of concern
  • Focus on priorities and needs identified by the CHNA
  • Implementation of programs in those priority areas, working to achieve similar results, reporting on the same types of data and aligning strategies that continuously improve outcomes over time

Together, using this approach, we can address social and health needs that intersect at individual, community and government levels. Together, we will continue to make progress—and a positive impact—on the health of our population.

Community Health Advisory Council Members:

  • Susan King 
  • Kimberly Green Reeves 
  • Sue Taylor 
  • Dr. Kate Dutkiewicz 
  • Dr. Ahmed Elmaadawi
  • Dr. Colleen Morrison 
  • Dr. Omobola Olaniyan
  • David Bailey 
  • Barbara Macmillan
  • Robin Meleski 
  • Sophia Metzger
  • Dr. Martina McGowan
  • Dr. Tom Mellin 
  • Dr. Lydia Mertz 
  • Jay Caponigro
  • Sam Centellas
  • Maggie Kernan
  • Lilian Quintero 
  • Maria Slager 
  • Andrew Wiand
  • Candy Yoder

Meet the Beacon Community Impact Team

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Every year, Beacon Community Impact creates a report that details the combined impact created by our external partners and hard working internal program staff.

Download the Community Benefit Report 2020