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Healthy Families: Maternal/Infant Health

Our Healthy Family priority focuses on programming that improves maternal and child health outcomes, and fosters positive family relationships. Beacon Community Impact supports strong programs seeking to reduce infant mortality in our region. These programs include Beacon Health System’s internal Early Childhood Services programming alongside external non-profits and local government agencies.

  • 39.1% of mothers had no early perinatal care (PNC)
  • 10.8% of mothers smoked
  • 47.1% of mothers were on Medicaid


These numbers suggest that there is a high need to offer comprehensive maternal and child health services to the community (ISDH, 2018).

From 2019-2021 Beacon Community Impact will support strong programming that seeks to reduce infant mortality in our region. Our organization has adopted three focus areas of support:

Focus 1

Expand access to primary care services for underserved, high-risk pregnant women and their families.

Focus 2

Increase preconception and family planning engagement programs.

Focus 3

Provide programming that promotes positive perinatal care and healthy behaviors from family caregivers.

Community Partners

Community partners within this priority represent a wide range of programming aimed at improving the health of mothers and their children. Below is a list of our current partners with details on the programming they offer.

Beacon Community Impact Programs

In addition to our externally funded community partners, Beacon Community Impact provides the following programming within our Healthy Family Priority:


Every year, Beacon Community Impact creates a report that details the combined impact created by our external partners and hard working internal program staff.

Download the Community Benefit Report 2023