Mary Morris Leighton Impact Series

2021 Program Summary

In 2019, The Mary Morris Leighton Lecture was expanded into a series of events called “The Mary Morris Leighton Impact Series” thanks to continued support from the Leighton-Oare Foundation. The focus of the series continues to be decreasing the stigma around mental and sharing mental health resources within the community. As part of the series in 2021, Beacon will host the international speaker, Steve Pemberton and his journey finding resiliency through trauma. 

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About Steve Pemberton

Steve Pemberton’s triumphant life story is about defying seemingly insurmountable beginnings as a child orphaned into foster care. Born to a mother who was in the middle of a losing battle with alcoholism, it was said about Steve that “this little boy doesn’t have a chance in the world.” His inherited circumstances, handed down from one generation to the next, was not the fault of Steve, but he still looked at it as his responsibility. That determination to better his life was met by the kindness of everyday citizens who affirmed that fight. Steve went on to find success as a corporate executive, innovative diversity and inclusion thought leader, visionary youth advocate and acclaimed speaker devoted to inspiring and helping others. Steve’s keynotes, like his life story, amplify his highly motivational messages: Believe in your dreams,rise above obstacles, create
opportunities for others, and most of all, persevere.  

Program Highlights


Resources from the Event


Event History

2021 – Steve Pemberton – Resiliency from Trauma

2020 – No Event due to COVID-19

2019 – Beyond the Bridge: In Pursuit of Mental Health – by Kevin Hines Author of Cracked Not Broken and documentary Suicide: The Ripple Effect Co-speaker Ben Nemtin

2018 – 5 Steps to Making the Impossible Possible – by Ben Nemtin Author of What Do You Want To Do Before You Die

2017 – A Journey Through Addiction – by Nic Sheff
Author of TWEAK

2016 – The Whole Brain Child: Relationships and Resilience – by Dr. Tina Payne Bryson
Author of The Whole-Brain Child and No-Drama Discipline

2015 – Helping Other Find Their “Sweet Spot” – by Dr. Christine Carter
Author of The Sweet Spot How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work

2014 – Becoming Your Best Self: The New Science of Stress and Willpower – by Kelly McGonigal, PhD
Author of The Willpower Instinct

2013 – Secrets to a Long and Happy Life: Lessons from the Blue Zones – by Mr. Dan Buettner
Author of Blue Zones

2012 – Brain Health: Not Just Another Crossword Puzzle – by Dr. Arthur Kramer

2011 – The Brain that Changes Itself: How Your Thoughts Can Change Your Brain Structure – by Dr. Norman Doidge
Author of The Brain That Changes Itself

2010 – James Rippe, MD – Author of Lifestyle Medicine

2009 – Your Total Brain Health: The History, The Importance, The Action Plan – by Dr. Cynthia Green

2008 – Keeping Your Brain Young: The Intersection of Science and Lifestyle – by Dr. Gary Small
Author of The Memory Bible, The Memory Prescription and The Longevity Bible

2007 – Everyday Memory and Aging – by Dr. Robin West

2006 – Brain Health Across the Lifespan – by Paul Nussbaum, PhD
Author of Brain Health and Wellness and Guide to Brain Health Across the Lifespan

2005 – Senior Health Fair featuring Shirley Jones

2003 – Senior Health Fair featuring Hugh Downs


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